Spring Session Blog | 4 of 12: Bees & Dragon Deal!

Hello Friends!

We are excited to update you on our Van Gogh exploratory class, which has just begun or is about to start for some of you.

Our students are having a fantastic time exploring the world of Vincent van Gogh and creating some amazing artwork. Hopefully, they are coming home and telling you all about the incredible life path of Vincent van Gogh.

Wondering how we talk about the artist in our Exploratory classes? We would love to show you! We are even considering adding a "bring a grown-up" to class day in the fall. What do you think? Let us know here!

In the meantime, we have put together an interactive and immersive presentation about the artist, which is about 100 pages long! We tell stories about the artist, where they lived, their friends, what they liked, what they tried, and what worked and didn't work in their path to becoming an artist.

The information about the artist is just so good for kids! They feel confident and smart sharing the information, and if you take your kids to an art museum, there is a good chance they will be interested and recognize the artist's work.

We are sharing tons of Van Gogh information, and the projects are turning out great. But wait, there's more!


The third class of the Exploratory program is Bring a Friend to Class Day! This means that if you like, your child can bring one friend to class that day! We will send a reminder out to you in after class 2 to confirm whether your child will be bringing a friend.

What's Next?

And for our current Van Gogh exploratory class students, we are excited to offer a 10% discount on both the Bee and Dragon classes. Just use the SECRET code: sunflower10 See you at the studio!