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  • AGES

    6 to 12


    1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days

about camps

Throughout the camp, kids can explore a variety of mediums, which encourages a love of learning, independence, creativity and artistic flow! Earn and collect badges throughout the camp.

A project is completed in each half day camp (3 hour block.) This is a mixed media camp with a focus on acrylic painting and clay work.

Lots of NEW projects, talented instructors, awesome professional art supplies and engaging artist talks! All the great things you can expect from our 4Cats camps!

please note

  • There is not a list of specific projects for each day.
  • Once a transaction is complete we will not be able to add more days or times. You will have to make another new transaction. Transactions cannot be prorated. For example, if you sign up for Monday and Tuesday, and want to add Wednesday, we will not be able to add additional days to the first transaction. You will have to do start a new transaction and pay the 1 day cost. We cannot prorate to the original transaction.