Party FAQ


How early can I arrive? Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled event start time as we have classes and/or events scheduled before and after. For most studios, the party host will gain access to the party room 30 minutes into the art time (30 minutes into the start time of the party). The party booked before will be using this party room at that time.

The studio will provide a spot to hold your party items until the party space become available (40 minutes maximum). We are unable to store party items earlier.

How many guests? Studios can host up to 15-50 people. For the maximum amount of guests for the studio you are booking with please contact us here.

A fee is charged for each guest over 10 people (including the guest of honour).

Is there a fridge? Studios have one small mini fridge that can hold one small cake or drinks.

How do I confirm details for the party?The studio will contact you approximately 10 days before your scheduled event. Please note, we require most details 7 days prior to your event in order to make preparations.

How much space is there for the 45 minute party time? Each studio provides one room for party time. Please ensure your guests stay in the party area during this time. The studios are happy to provide you with a tour prior to your event. Please drop by any weekday afternoon or evening.

When can I pick up the artwork? Please allow 2 days for paintings to be dried and ready for pickup. If you are getting your painting stretched, the studio will contact you when it is ready. Please allow up to 4 weeks for earthenware clay to be fired. Completed artwork will be stored in the studio for 2 weeks maximum.

What is your cancellation policy? Please note we require 2 weeks notice for party or field trip cancellation and will provide credit only. No refunds. We cannot provide credit or reschedule the event after this time. All booked parties or field trips will be agreeing to these policies by booking. Please note: all registrations must be done online.

What to wear? Please be dressed for mess! We are a professional art studio and paint can be lurking around any corner! Paint loves to jump onto the least suspecting. Our professional art supplies may stain or be unable to wash out of your clothing. Don't worry, the materials used are non-toxic but please leave your fancy ball gowns and top hats at home. Dress informally with casual, loose, and comfortable clothing. 4Cats is not responsible for any damages to clothing or personal belongings.

How to get party upgrades? Party upgrades and add ons can be purchased and paid on the day of the party. Party add ons is additional and is not included in the basic party cost. If you wish to have add ons, upgrades, and/or have more than 10 guests, the cost will be charged at the studio on the day of the party.

In a paint splatter party will the paint come off my clothes? The paints used in splatter painting are non-toxic and wash easily from skin and hair, but they may stain clothing.

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